marți, 9 iulie 2013

♥ If we were like the snow, when all our work is done, we would slip very quietly away, without farewell, as those who know that they shall meet again someday...♥ Poem by Carol

♥Polar Bear...

The Polar Bear never makes his bed;
He sleeps on a cake of ice instead.
He has no blanket, no quilt, no sheet
Except the rain and snow and sleet.
He drifts about on a white ice floe
While cold winds howl and blizzards blow
And the temperature drops to forty below.
The Polar Bear never makes his bed;
The blanket he pulls up over his head
Is lined with soft and feathery snow.
If ever he rose and turned on the light,
He would find a world of bathtub white,
And icebergs floating through the night.

William Jay Smith

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